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in-home business insurance

Home-based businesses, both big and small, have become one of the fastest growing commercial segments in America. As the owner of an In-Home Business, chances are your operations extend beyond the walls of your home. At Kwan Insurance Services, we want to help you protect the security of your business with proper coverage, as the insurance required by your work most likely goes beyond your standard Homeowners policy.

details of in-home business policies:

We know that you've invested hard work and countless hours into building up your In-Home Business, and because of that, we want to ensure your operations continue to grow. With the right insurance policy for your business, you can provide the special protection you need in one comprehensive policy.

An In-Home Business policy from Kwan Insurance Services can cover: 

  • Professional Liability

  • Personal property used for business operations

  • Loss of income due to a covered event

  • Loss or damage to business records and inventory

Depending on your business needs and living situation, you may also qualify for additional services to round out your In-Home Business Insurance, including combined coverage with your Homeowners policy.

Talk to one of our agents at Kwan Insurance Services to create the perfect plan to address all of your business needs.

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