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security both on & off road

Your Auto Insurance policy already gives you peace of mind behind the wheel, but more than just accidents happen.


With the right policy from us, you can make sure that the security of your automobile doesn’t end the moment you pull into the driveway.


Comprehensive Coverage insures your vehicle and equipment against damage and expenses that result from something other than a collision.

Be Prepared with Comprehensive Coverage

Our team of asset protection specialists can prepare a plan that works for you with a variety of impressive features to insure your car against damages or loss resulting from:​

  • Theft or Larceny

  • Vandalism and Glass Breakage

  • Fire Damage

  • Hail, Water, or Flood Damage

  • Hitting a Deer or Other Animal

  • Damage from Falling or Flying Objects

Other Non-Collision Related Services

In addition to Comprehensive, Kwan Insurance Services also can offer other non-collision oriented services for you and your car, like Roadside Assistance and Diminishing Deductible.

  • Roadside Assistance provides you with advantages like lockout assistance, jump starts, and towing up to 15 miles – all in one convenient package.

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